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Release information

Compatible with JIRA Server versions 7.1 - 7.7

It's Easy to Use

Step 1. Click Swimlanes.

Step 2. Pick your new swimlane! 

Step 3. Enjoy your extra 8 seconds of free time.

NOTE: Because Swimlane Shortcut changes the board setting for all users, the Swimlane Shortcut menu can only be used (and seen) by the board Admin!


Q: Does Swimlane Shortcut work for regular users, not just Board admins?

a: No, not yet! Though that's something we're investigating...

Q: Does my board return to the default swimlane after I use Swimlane Shortcut?

a: No, it's just like making a change in the board configuration screens.

Q: Can I pick whether unassigned issues appear above or below the other swimlanes?

a: No, they'll always appear below as a default. If you like to see them above, head on in to the board configuration menu!

Q: Why is this so awesome and easy?

a: Because we like you!

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